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The strong compliment is a very powerful tool, if used correctly.

Ever wonder about those guys in relationships who seem to shower their woman with "I love yous" ,"you are so sexy", "you are the most beautiful", or any other type of phrase that many "Pick Up" experts would qualify as "AFC" (behavior that an average frustrated chump would exhibit)? Well, the reality is that using these "strong compliments" can actually be highly effective, if used properly. When and how do you use them? I discuss it here.
<h4>What Are Strong Compliments?</h4>
A compliment can be anything positive you say about her, but a strong compliment (the focus of this article) would be something very intense, if not over the top. "All I think about everyday is how sexy you are." would be an example of a "strong compliment".
<h4>Using Strong Compliments: Never before attraction</h4>
While it may seem like in bad romantic comedies, "strong compliments" are routinely effective in seducing women, this could not be further from the truth. Strong compliments should <b>ONLY BE USED WHEN YOU HAVE ALREADY ESTABLISHED ATTRACTION.</b> This is an extremely important point. It is the fine line between being a creepy loser to a girl and being a turn on: <b>women want to be complimented by guys they are into!</b>

If you think laying on strong compliments will make a girl like you, you are dead wrong. Strong compliments do not build attraction; they help amplify attraction, and the stronger the current attraction, the more effective they are. The less the current attraction level, the less effective (and sometimes have negative effect) they are.
<h4>When Strong Compliments are most effective</h4>
So you get it by now: use strong compliments on girls who like you. But when? If you keep laying it on thick all the time it will get old and lose meaning. Your woman might even lose interest and think she is "too good for you" given how much you are seemingly obsessing over her. Here are the 4 most effective times to use "strong compliments".
<h5>1. Last Minute Resistance</h5>
Last Minute Resistance is the situation that often comes up when you think you are about to have sex with someone but they seem to try to avoid it, often to "save face". There are many approaches to overcome this "LMR", and strong complimenting is one very effective method not a lot of experts advocate.
<h5>2. Maintaining A Booty Call / Friends With Benefits situation</h5>
A lot of women are quite content being in a friends with benefits situation if they feel there is also emotion involved. Using strong compliments can establish that desired effect and show her that while you are not ready for a committed relationship, you value her for much more than sex (or even that you value the sex with her an unusually high amount!)
<h5>3. Strengthening A Relationship</h5>
It is easy to become jaded after a while in a relationship. Use strong complimenting to evoke thoughts of passion and romance in your girlfriend or wife. Women are much more responsive to verbal communication than men are, so don't assume that because you think something sounds "cheesy" given where you are in a relationship it will be interpreted that same way by her.
<h5>4. Make Her Your Girlfriend</h5>
This is very important: <b>There must be considerable attraction in place for complimenting to work.</b> However, if you think that there is a strong connection and attraction and you want to take things to the next level, let her know how you feel!

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