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You can make yourself look better in "action" by following these tips.

Many of you have probably seen the various studies that supposedly claim men are less attractive when they smile. Sadly, many of these studies, (along with many attraction studies in general) are majorly flawed because they judge attractiveness based on photographs. It is true, in photographs, smiling is, on average, less attractive. Same goes for looking directly at the camera.

Unfortunately, this information is only useful for online dating and nothing else. In real life, we are not judged based on photographs, we are judged based on how we look while we are moving, talking, walking, eating and dancing. How can we look good in these situations, how does one look good in <strong>action</strong>?
<h5>1. Smile</h5>
As you may suspect, while smiling in an <a href="">online dating</a> photo will likely hurt your chances with women, smiling on a date or while approaching women and interacting with them will make you significantly more attractive. It's extremely hard to quantify this but I can tell you from past Hot Or Not photo comparisons on myself that I am considered <strong>significantly</strong> more attractive when I do not smile in stills, yet I amĀ <strong>much</strong> more successful in real life when I am out there smiling.
<h5>2. Watch your posture</h5>
Posture is hugely important as women will directly correlate it to your confidence level. You should always have good posture, whether you are standing, walking, or sitting down. If you are not tall, it is even more important to have good posture. Fortunately, good posture is usually very easy to accomplish. Consciously thinking about it every time you go out will likely make it second nature in short order.
<h5>3. Accentuate your good features subtly</h5>
If you have some good features, whether it is a great smile or nice biceps, take advantage of that and show it off, but do so subtly. You don't want to be giving directions to the gun show with every word, however, wearing clothing that shows off your muscles without it being too ridiculous (like wearing The Rock's underarmor outfit on a date) will help you look better in action.
<h5>4. Hide your bad features subtly</h5>
Similarly to point three, if there are features that you are not proud of or that are unattractive, hid them subtly! You do not want to act insecure about your appearance, but if you are balding in the back, choose to walk behind your date instead of in front of her. If you have a nasty mole on your face, choose to sit to the "proper" side of her so that she isn't staring at it all night while talking to you. If you are shorter than her, be seated more, and if the sidewalk is slanted, walk on the "higher" side.
Real life seduction isn't a series of photo shoots. You want to make sure you are attractive in person, in action, not just in a still.

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