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Get fit. Feel good. Look even better.

As Josh wrote earlier, <a title="Relax, you probably aren’t ugly." href="/articles/view/relax-you-probably-arent-ugly/">you’re probably not ugly</a>. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your looks. <a title="Do Looks Matter?" href="/articles/view/do-looks-matter/">Looks matter</a>, and being ugly almost certainly has and does impact your ability to get women. But, this does not mean you should just wallow in misery. There are plenty of ways you can increase your actual physical attractiveness and thereby increase your odds of success with women.

Thus we present our article series: <strong>Makeovers for Men.</strong> We’re going to share some tips you can follow to improve your physical appearance. In isolation, none of these are going to lead to a dramatic improvement in your attractiveness. Put some of them together though, and I think you’ll find a marked improvement in your ability to attract and escalate with women.

The first part of our “Makeovers for Men” series covers <strong>Fitness.</strong> We talk a lot about fitness on, and even have a <a href="/articles/fitness">whole category of articles devoted on them</a>. But while those articles may focus on fitness to increase physical strength or improve your self-confidence, these fitness tips are solely for the purposes of looking good.
<h3>Lose Weight; Look Sexier</h3>
I’m sure I don’t have to explain how losing weight and getting fit will make you more physically attractive, so I won’t. But getting fit doesn’t just make you more attractive to women by offsetting an average face with a nice body. It literally makes your <strong>face</strong> more attractive too!

As Exhibit A, I present to you Chris Pratt:

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-2215 size-full" src="" alt="Makeovers for Men: Chris Pratt" width="467" height="424" /></a>

How did Chris Pratt go from being a loveable secondary actor on “Parks and Recreation,” to essentially an A-list sex icon after "Guardians of the Galaxy?"

Easy; he lost weight. Losing weight doesn’t just make your body look better, <strong>it literally makes your face look better.</strong> Your jawline, chine, and other facial features become more angular and defined. These are universally attractive features to women.

It worked for Chris Pratt.  It can work for you.

<h3>Patch Up Holes In Your Vanity Workout</h3>
If you go to the gym and lift weights, you probably focus most of your exercises on your “vanity muscles.” A lot of the guys always do bench press and curls every single time to go to the gym. There’s nothing wrong with those exercises, but if you do want an ideal "V-shape figure with big arms" look, you’re neglecting a lot of necessary muscles if you just do bench press and curls.
<h4>Blast the Triceps</h4>
<strong>Fact:</strong> resting arm size is 70% triceps. Yeah, those curls make you look pretty buff when you flex, but you’re not going out in a flex pose the whole time, are you? If you want to fill out the sleeves of your shirts, blast your triceps. You know that pump you feel when you’ve done a ton of curls? Do push-ups, pull-downs, french press, and all those other tricep exercises with the same volume you do your biceps. Do them until feel the same “pump” in your tricep. You’ll be busting out of your t-shirts in no time.
<h4>The "V" is More than Shoulders</h4>
Getting that broad V is more than just your shoulders. You also need to hit your lats (which is probably self-evident) and your traps (which may not be).

Josh likes to joke that “the back are the ‘legs’ of the upper body.” You never look at your own back, and when does anyone else? Maybe you’ll be over at a girl’s place with your shirt off, and she’ll ask you to reach something at a high shelf. Otherwise, realistically, how is a defined back impressive?

But those upper back muscles are just as key for that V-shape. If you’re not convinced, this should make it pretty obvious:

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-2216 size-full" src="" alt="Makeovers for Men: Back Muscles" width="405" height="554" /></a>

Also, while you’ll engage your traps with pretty much any “pulling” exercises, don’t delude yourself into thinking that you're getting enough muscle activation with your usual curls and lat pulls.  Isolate and activate those back muscles with distinct exercises, such as rows and shrugs.
<h3>Butt’s Up</h3>
You probably don’t do any lower body exercises. Who needs ripped calves or quadriceps?

You may not realize this, but for a lot of women, a guy’s rear is the equivalent of a woman’s chest. If they’re going to stare and size up a body part, it’s probably going to be your ass.

So, hit the squat rack. Squats are a great exercise because not only do they hit your glutes and quads to give you a nice looking rear, but also your back and shoulders. It’s one of the best exercises you can do to hit and activate multiple muscle groups in one motion. Whatever routine you do for bench press, give an equal amount of sets and reps to squats.

Yeah, squats are hard, and they suck. And if your lower body is weak, you’ll probably feel ridiculous just squatting the bar with ten pound weights on each side. But it won’t be long before you can squat at least your own body weight, so don't get discouraged and keep working at it.

Also, if you don’t work out your lower body because you also play sports or do some other aerobic activity where you’re running/jumping – those obviously will work out your legs, but if it’s something like distance running or something else where you’re not using fast-twitch muscles, then you’re still going to have weak legs in isolation. I know from personal experience: at one point I had trained to run a half-marathon in a respectable time, but couldn’t even squat half my body weight. The only way to really engage and build those muscles is by isolating those fast-twitch muscles. So unless you’re playing soccer or hockey with a lot of fast-twitch lower body movements, those muscles are probably a lot more underdeveloped than you may realize.
<h3>Don’t Neglect Your Posture</h3>
Grandma was right. Stop slouching and stand the fuck up.

It’s so simple, yet the benefits are enormous. Standing up straight literally makes you look bigger and taller.

Unfortunately, if you’re old enough to be interested in women, that means you’ve probably had your current posture habits for awhile. So simply telling yourself “just stand up straighter” is not going to be an easy thing to start doing.

Luckily, there are several exercises that will help align your muscles and joints into better posture on their own. Here's a good video showing you a handful of them:

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

<h3>Feel Better, Look Better</h3>
One of my favorite times to workout are Friday and Saturday evenings before I go out. I feel strong. I look strong. I have no idea if that “pump” lasts long enough to make me look materially different a few hours later, but it doesn’t really matter. That confidence can only help me when I go out and approach women later that night.

And there’s no reason it can’t help you as well. So keep these fitness tips in mind, and you’ll find yourself feeling better – and as a result, looking more attractive – as well.

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