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Don't be jealous of the guys who use money and power to get women, learn.

I just got back from Vegas, so I'm in a Vegas mood, which means I'm going to be writing some stuff about things I observed in Vegas. This article is about showiness, flashiness, and how you can learn from it, instead of just being jealous of the guys who have it.

The seduction community often frowns upon being showy with money and/or power. Guys who take girls out to expensive dinners are laughed at. The guy who buys bottles at the club is "cheating", as is the guy who wears an expensive watch or drives a nice car. Furthermore, the community will go on to claim that none of these things actually matter and that they only help getting gold-diggers.

The truth is very different. Displays of money and power WORK. They are extremely attractive to women, often moreso than looks, charm, charisma, or anything else. To those of you with money: great! Don't be a total d-bag about it, but demonstrating you have money IS a turn on to women. Always was, always has been.

So, yes, the seduction community is of course wrong with respect to this topic. The real reason many members of the community frown upon these techniques of getting women is because they do not have the money to utilize them. It is spawned more so by jealousy than anything to do with effectiveness. Instead of being jealous of guys who get hot girls because they drive a nice car or get bottles at the club, it is better to learn how to use the underlying principles at work here to get these same girls with your financial means.

<h4>It's power, not money</h4>

So you are probably wondering how on earth you can compete with the bottle guy or the fancy car guy or the $20,000 watch guy in his world, playing his game, if you don't have money, The answer lies in the reason money is attractive: money is attractive because of its high correlation to power. Yes, money on its own is also attractive, but POWER is the true driver of attraction. If you can display POWER, then women will not worry so much about money.

<h4>Displaying power</h4>

To compete with the bottle guy without having your own table there are two general ways to go about it. One way is to be invited to a table. Make friends with promoters who have tables and be a part of the group. You are then part of the "in crowd" and effectively have close to the power of the guy who actually has the table. (You can invite girls to the table, give them drinks, etc.)

Another strong approach to appearing as though you have power is by having girls with you (especially hot ones). If you are around girls you will likely be invited to join tables and if not, you still have strong social proof. Women know that good looking women hang out with "high value" men or men with money and power, so they will assume the same about you.

Being a regular is also attractive. If everyone knows you, you have strong social proof and others who don't know you will assume you are important and powerful. A technique I like to use when I am going to a venue I am a regular in (as long as it is not a night club or lounge) is to dress down relative to everyone, sometimes even wearing shorts and flip flops. Many people assume I must be special, important, and powerful if no one gives me shit when I stroll into a fancy restaurant in shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt. It also doesn't cost much money to dress down!


Instead of being jealous of the fat ugly guy who gets hot girls due to his money or power, recognize that money and especially power are attractive and figure out how to display power. Use the three tips I have provided as a starting point.

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