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/ On A Diet, It's Ok To Be Hungry

"It's bad to be hungry when on a diet", plain and simple, is a myth.

It has become commonplace nowadays to advertise fad diets and other weight loss systems as ways to lose fat without being hungry. While not everyone needs to be hungry to lose weight, the notion that it is bad to be hungry is a complete, 100%, MYTH. Most likely, it has been spread by diet program marketing departments trying to sell you on their latest "miracle diet" or "cleanse" or whatever is in vogue nowadays that claims to make all your fat melt away without requiring any effort on your part.

No matter, the purpose of this article is to address this common myth which is a major source of diet failures across the world. So, I will repeat it here again: BEING HUNGRY IS OK.

The hunger myth is further perpetuated by the common myth that if you eat "healthy" foods or other sorts of "special" foods, calorie count doesn't really matter. This is of course, nonsense, which further fuels the myth that being hungry is somehow bad.

Dieting properly, to lose fat, requires, first and foremost, that you take in less calories than you burn. While the actual metabolic process on a cellular level is more complex than this simple arithmetic, practically speaking, it is NOT more complex than this. Calorie intake trumps calorie composition for losing weight. Don't miss the forest for the trees by getting sucked into the complexities of the body on a cellular level and don't fall for too good to be true claims: to lose weight efficiently, burn more calories than you eat. When you burn more calories than you eat, your body will likely send signals that you need more calories, and what does that do? It makes you feel hungry!

Now, with all of this said, there are ways you can certainly mitigate hunger by optimizing your dietary composition, and you also shouldn't completely starve yourself because there is a point where too large a caloric deficit is too much. However, it is unrealistic for most people to be effective in a diet without feeling hungry from time to time. This is OK! Improving your looks and health takes effort. For many, going to bed a little hungry from time to time is a small price to pay.

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