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/ Principles Are Generally Culture Proof

Not all advice is practical in all cultures, but the principles generally are.

Have you ever been frustrated that advice out there is simply not practical for wherever you live? Are the cultures too different? This is a common concern and it is rooted in fact: not every culture is different and "pick up" often has to be performed differently across cultures. With that said, many of the principles are still the same. If you believe concrete advice you are receiving is not realistic in the place you live, you can still learn the principles behind the techniques, and then figure out how to put those principles in play within the confines of where you live.
<h4>4 Culture Proof Principles</h4>
<h5>1. Physical Attraction</h5>
Being as physically attractive as you possibly can is a universal turn on. What is defined as physically attractive naturally varies by region, age, culture, and other factors; however, the principle remains the same: physical attraction matters.
<h5>2. Assertiveness</h5>
There are varying degrees of what is socially acceptable assertiveness or aggression in the world: certain types of physical assertiveness may be inappropriate in one region or culture but not in another. However, assertiveness within the confines of culture is a universal principle that should apply just about anywhere. Women like men who are assertive and in many cases aggressive.
<h5>3. Power</h5>
Being powerful is one of, if not the biggest, turn on there is. Celebrities, wealthy CEOs, politicians, and similar people all have huge success with women, predominantly due to power. This is a universal principle that applies everywhere and anywhere. If you are powerful, you will be found attractive by woman. What defines power varies from culture to culture, but it should be easy to identify what counts, and if you have that, women will want you.
<h5>4. Humor</h5>
It doesn't matter if your culture is a serious one or not, humor is attractive. The correlation between humor and intelligence is thought of as quite high (may not necessarily be true, but it works) and intelligence is a very attractive trait (it could also be on this list along with many other things). Don't be afraid to make jokes and be funny, women like funny, and that is universal. Know the boundaries of what is acceptable humor for your area, but don't be afraid to use humor, ever.

There are many other principles (such as intelligence) which I mentioned that are effective across the world even if their implementation has to vary from one culture to the next. Don't be discouraged when advice you read is not practical to your specific situation: identify the principle behind the advice and apply that principle in a way that works for you.

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