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/ Put Your Plight In Perspective

While you may think your situation is bad, it's probably not as bad as you think.

<em>I'm a loser.</em>

<em>I can't get a girl to save my life.</em>

<em>I'm broke.</em>

<em>I have a terrible body.</em>

<em>I have no self esteem.</em>

<em>I have no friends and no social life.</em>

<strong>If the above is you, keep reading.</strong>

<h4>How bad are you really?</h4>

You may think you are a loser, but are you really? Do you have friends, do you get girls (even if they aren't your dream girl)? If so, I have news for you: you are way ahead of many out there. There are plenty of men who have little to no friends and have never even kissed a girl, and I'm not talking about teenagers, I am talking about adults in their 30s!

Think you are out of shape? Well, one of the easiest things to change is your body! Being out of shape is one of the BEST problems to have, because it is not only easy to change, unless you have a serious health issue that prevents you from working out, you CAN do it, regardless of who you are.

Are you broke? Well, it's just money! And, just like working out, you can do something about it. If you are broke because you are young (high school, college, or just out of school), it's still way too early to have a clue regarding your financial situation for most of your life, which brings me to the next couple points: the fact that many issues you may have could be temporary and go away on their own, such as, for instance, being a loser in high school.

<h4>High School is only 5% of your life</h4>

Are you a loser because you are a 17 year old in high school with little friends and slim to no prospect of even kissing a girl in your school? SO WHAT! Granted, it is not an enviable situation, but put it in perspective: High school is 4 years out of a lifetime that can easily exceed 80.

That's 5% of your life. So what is the worst case here? That 5% of your life is spent being a loser? Should you try to do something about it? Sure. But is it really the end of the world even if you go through high school without having a girlfriend or ever getting laid? Not really. Despite what you may think, your best years aren't high school, and for many, not even college, your best years should be after all that, in other words, your best years should be the MAJORITY of your life, not the 5% that is high school. The truth of the matter is being a huge dork in high school hardly matters at all in the grand scheme of life. I know because I was one, and that history has virtually no significance in my life today; hell, it stopped mattering a couple years after I graduated high school.
<h4>College is only 5% of your life</h4>
Are you miserable at college? Well, guess what, college is also, most likely, only 5% of your life! Forget all these people who tell you that your best years are in college. Clearly, if you are unhappy and miserable in college they are not your best years: BUT THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE. Just like high school, college is only a small fraction of your life. Try to improve your situation, but don't think that all your good years are passing you by and that if your life is not a constant orgy in college you will never be happy, successful, or have a fulfilling sex life. Put your plight in perspective: it's only 5%!
<h4>5% doesn't apply to me, I'm past high school and college</h4>
Naturally, not everyone who feels like a loser is in high school or college. Unlike school, the "real world" is the rest of your life. The training wheels usually come off, structure is no longer imposed, and you can't just put your head down, focus on your studies, and graduate to the next phase.

Even still, your plight is most likely not as bad as you think. Why? For one, if you are healthy, you are already winning in the one area change is most difficult to effect. But it's not just about health. Your situation isn't that bad because the world is open to you. Unlike high school or college where you are stuck in the confines of a small society and your reputation may prove insurmountable even if you do everything right to change; the "real world" provides almost unlimited opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and free yourself from your past. Instead of sulking, embrace your ability to change, and put your plight in perspective.

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