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/ Ranking The Factors Of Seduction

Here's how I think women rate our traits.

You know women care about certain things, but you've probably wondered how much they care about a guy's particular traits. How much do women care about looks? money? power? intelligence? The short answer is: "it's complicated" but in an effort to try to generalize a little (and for fun), I've ranked several common factors and how important I think they are to women. A couple of notes: as with all rankings, the actual importance to each individual woman can vary dramatically from what I have listed here; these rankings are for fun, and to motivate discussion, not hard and fast rules. Use them as a general guideline, not a set of commandments. Secondly, these rankings are geared towards importance in the courtship phase (e.g. going from meeting to sex/dating), not the dating/relationship phase.
<h3>1. Power</h3>
In my experience, by far the most important factor in seduction is power. Power is the reason famous celebrities, very wealthy men, and politicians have access to unlimited quantities of hot women. Power is extremely attractive from an evolutionary point of view because it addresses the first main component of evolutionary drive: survival (the second point is reproduction). And while survival is not necessarily more or less important than reproduction, power's benefit to the survival element is superior than most traits added value to reproductive potential. If you are powerful, you can expect to have many women available to you, even if you lack many other attractive traits.
<h3>2. Looks</h3>
Looks refers to your general physical attractiveness: face, body, height, and to a lesser extent, the way you dress and groom yourself. Looks play a very important role in seduction; I would argue, generally speaking it is the second most important trait behind power. Relax guys: this ranking is about sufficient conditions, not necessary conditions, so no, you don't have to be good looking to get girls. However, it would be a mistake to pretend that looks do not help (a lot) and it would be a mistake to pretend that guys who have nothing going for them but looks cannot get laid A LOT. They can, and they do.
<h3>3. Social Proof</h3>
Social proof plays a role very similar to power: actually, it is one manifestation of power. It is also a much more attainable manifestation than being the governor of a state, for instance. With social proof you display a high standing in society which again is associated with increased value you offer in the survival space. Furthermore, if you are liked by other women (especially in a sexual way), other women will assume you have high value across the board, not just in the survival aspect of our evolution.
<h3>4. Game</h3>
"Game", or the ability and skills to talk to approach women, talk to women, engage them in conversation, properly physically escalate, and seduce is probably only the 4th most important factor to women. This is why at Josh Sway we don't just talk about game, we also tell you how to improve yourself in the factors that are above game. For example, our <a title="Makeovers for Men: Style" href="/articles/view/makeovers-for-men-style/">makeover for men series</a> and <a title="The Josh Sway Bodybuilding Guide: Part 1, Introduction" href="/articles/view/the-josh-sway-bodybuilding-guide-part-1-introduction-2/">fitness guides</a> are there to help you increase your value in the Looks category. Our '<a href="/articles/high-end-sway">High End Sway</a>" section helps you learn how to display power, and articles such as "<a title="How To Be The Guy People Listen To" href="/articles/view/how-to-be-the-guy-people-listen-to/">How to be the guy people listen to</a>" are there to help you increase your value in the Social Proof category. Game is important, but having high value is arguably even more important.
<h3>5. Money/Intelligence</h3>
Money and intelligence are important due to their correlation to power and game. Money is a bit more highly correlated to power while intelligence can significantly contribute to game (as well as imply a potential to attain a high amount of power). These factors matter, but it's too easy to seduce without them which is why they are only 5th on my rankings. However, certain women may rank these traits significantly higher than others on the list; as I mentioned earlier, this is just a rough guide!
<h3>6. Hobbies/Interests</h3>
The last factor on the list is hobbies and interests. Having hobbies and interests are very important (this is a rankings of the things I think most matter by the way) and they can benefit you significantly during courtship; however, they are included in sixth because I think that the other factors simply matter more. The main benefit having hobbies and interests confer is increased ability to engage in interesting conversation; they help having better "game", and they make it easier to have more "game". Don't get me wrong, I highly advocate you pick up hobbies and interests because they will help enrich your life as a whole, but women will likely weight your power, looks, social proof, and game more heavily.
<h3>Rankings are for fun</h3>
In this article I've attempted to shed some light on how women 'weigh' certain male attributes and traits. Guys, this list is just for fun! Every woman has a different scale, and the magnitudes of the differences in weights (even if the ranking is the same) can vary dramatically between one woman and another. Furthermore, if you have total utter <strong>mastery</strong> of a particular category above, it's weight can grow. For example, if you play guitar for fun it will add to your value, but if you truly mastered the guitar, to the point where you've played on stage with well known acts (even if you are not well known) that alone can carry huge weight with a woman.

Bottom line? Everything matters, so go out there and improve every aspect of your life!

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