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/ Relax, You Probably Aren't Ugly

Most men who think they are ugly are actually about average.

Given that good looks undeniably make seduction easier, it is common for those men who are unsuccessful with women to assume they are physically unattractive. Men constantly complain that the reason they can't get girls is because they are too short, too bald, and/or too ugly. However, most likely, you need to relax and hold your head up because it's actually quite unlikely that you are truly ugly!

<h3>Not being extremely attractive does not make you ugly</h3>
A common issue most men who think they are ugly have is that they assume that not looking like Ryan Reynolds means you are ugly. This is a logical fallacy that also couldn't be further from the truth. Seriously, it's simple logic: Not extremely attractive is not equal to ugly. The vast majority of men fall in the slightly below average to slightly above average looks category. None of those men are extremely attractive, but none of them our outright ugly!

<h3>Having a flaw does not make you ugly</h3>
Another common misconception men who think they are ugly have is assuming that a particular flaw makes them ugly. Yes, if the flaw is that you are missing half your face then you probably qualify as ugly, but that one flaw you think makes you ugly probably just makes you a little bit more average. Common concerning flaws are baldness, shortness, being a bit overweight, a big nose, a weak chin, or what not. While truly ugly people may exhibit some of these flaws, the vast majority of people with them are not ugly!

<h3>Someone calling you ugly does not make you ugly</h3>
A lot of guys think they are ugly because one person thinks they are ugly. Sometimes, they may think they are ugly just because one person calls them ugly. It is especially hurtful when it's a girl and even more hurtful if it's a girl you really really like (oneitis). However it is very important to know that all this means is that this is one girl you probably aren't going to get. It does not mean you are ugly. A lot of girls call guys ugly if they just want them to fuck off and stop hitting on them. It doesn't actually mean they think you are ugly, and it sure as hell doesn't mean you actually are ugly.

<h3>Ugliness is a combination of many factors</h3>
So if nothing supposedly makes you ugly, how are there ugly people? The answer lies in combinations of multiple factors or a particularly hideous feature. For example, someone who is 600lbs is ugly. That is just one feature but the magnitude of such weight is so extreme that it alone can make someone ugly. In general though, ugliness is a combination of many factors. Think big nose, bald, short, fat, a weak chin, and bad skin, as an example. So that's why you can relax. Unless your face looks like it got put through a blender, chances are your 'weak chin' or your baldness or your 'big nose' alone are simply bringing you closer to average.

<h3>If you really are ugly</h3>
Look, there's a chance that you actually are straight up ugly. There are people who are, and I guess, you may be one of them (though I doubt it). This does not mean that you should just give up on women, because even ugly men can still dramatically increase their attraction. I'm going to write about what a truly ugly guy can do to maximize their odds of getting women soon, so check back in a bit!

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