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/ Saying You're Rich Without Saying It

If you are wealthy, you should use it to your advantage, but do so in a way that isn't arrogant.

DHV -- A demonstration or display of high value.

The essence of seduction is demonstrating "value" to women. Women are attracted to men who have "high value". The definition of value is nebulous, and so is the definition of high; both varying drastically from woman to woman.

However, despite the variation between women, (and despite the common belief of many men), having wealth and money are generally considered high value traits. Unfortunately, shamelessly bragging about wealth or money is generally thought of as classless, tasteless, and arrogant, all three traits that are demonstrations of LOW value. So how do you let her know you're rich, without actually saying it? There are generally two types of demonstrations of wealth, one of ownership, and one of income. Here are some ideas on how to demonstrate whichever one fits you the most.
<h4>1. Ownership</h4>
Rich people own stuff. Whether it be real estate, a business, a nice car, or fancy watches; most wealthy men have some significant ownership of something valuable. Nice things like a fancy watch or a nice car are easy to show off, just wear the watch and drive up in the car. But what about the things that really show wealth, like real estate and investment? Clearly if you bring her to your place, she will easily see your wealth, but then, you already got her anyways. What about before that?

Bring up your ownership, but do so <strong>indirectly</strong>. For example, suppose you own several apartments in on the beach in Florida. Don't just blurt out that you own a bunch of apartments, bring up a funny story about something that happened on a trip to Florida. Your date will almost always ask you what you were doing there, in which case you can respond with something like: "Just catching some sun and checking up on some apartments of mine." You said it, but what else could you do? She asked, you didn't just bring it up. You brought up a funny story from the trip! You also brought up your ownership very incidentally. As far as she is concerned, you mentioned Florida because of the funny story that took place. It would be unusual of her to think you brought up a detailed story of a recent trip just to casually slide in that you own some apartments.
<h4>2. High Income</h4>
Unlike ownership which is generally quite easy to bring up incidentally, income is much more difficult to get across without coming off as arrogant. The simplest approach is go into your occupation. Talking about what you DO is completely normal in just about any conversation with anyone. If your career is one that is typically associated with a high income, you don't have to say another word about it. But what if you have high income from an atypical career or source? A career or source that is generally not associated with high income? What can you do? The first method is to resort to ownership and not high income as your demonstration of wealth. Ownership should always come first as it is one of the easiest, if not the easiest way to demonstrate wealth indirectly. But if you cant? Here are some ideas:
<h5>1. Thinking about ownership</h5>
If you don't own anything, you can still bring up ownership by talking about something you WANT to own. Say you don't own a place on the beach in Florida, bring up a recent trip there and say how you had such a good time you were thinking about getting a vacation home down there. As previously discussed, ownership is EASY, so take the easy path whenever you can.
<h5>2. Trips, travel, food, and more</h5>
If you make a lot of money but just hoard it in passive investments, you are effectively a low earner to a woman, and for good reason: what does she care about your wealth if it is never used? If; however, you use some of your high earnings, talk about the uses! Go on any trips? Eat at any fancy restaurants? Talk about that, but bring up the experience, not the cost. If you bring up trips and experiences that cost decent money, but do not bring up the money component at all, women will assume that you are a high earner and more importantly, they will be turned on by the fact that you do what you want to do without regard to limitations such as money.
<h5>3. The money seeking friend</h5>
Men with high income are often hit up for money. Whether it's from a friend, a random small business, or a stock broker, being asked for money, often for unusual things, is relatively common. Bring up a particularly funny, unusual, or interesting story where someone hit you up for money. Slip in the amount but don't dwell on it, simply state a number as if it's monopoly money being talked about. For example: Her: "How was your weekend?" You: "It was nice and relaxing, except my degenerate gambling friend got himself into trouble again!" Her: "Oh no what happened?" You: "Oh, you know, the usual, just calls me out of the blue asking for a loan because he got black out drunk at the casino and lost something absurd like $60,000 in an hour! I can't even make this stuff up!! But anyways, how was yours?" You may also not even put a number in there, just leave it as absurd amount. Her curiosity will get the better of her most of the time and she will ask. Other more benign approaches involve talking about some sham investment idea someone pitched you and laughing about how absurd it is.
Money matters, whether you like it or not. If you have it, you should use it. But do so in a way that does not come off as arrogant or showy.

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