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Working out is an easy way to get more women interested in you.

It's been a while since I wrote about working out, but that does not mean I've suddenly decided it is not an important aspect of being a better, more high value person. As a matter of fact, improving your appearance by working out is one of the most effective ways to get women more interested in you. <a title="Do Looks Matter?" href="/articles/view/do-looks-matter/">Looks matter</a>, and physical shape is a significant component of looks, but looks aren't the only benefit of working out.

I was actually quite disappointed when we sent out a survey to our <a href="/newsletter">mailing list</a> members a couple months ago and hardly anyone had any interest in us writing more about working out. The reason? If you are struggling with women and do not work out nor care to do it, this is likely a big part of why you are failing!
<h4>Stop looking for the gimmick</h4>
If you are one of those who think your problem is your self esteem and your self image; one of those guys who think "<a title="Inner Game Is Learned In The Field" href="/articles/view/inner-game-is-learned-in-the-field/">inner game</a>" is your problem yet you don't work out and aren't in good shape, then I got news for you, your real problem is that you are being lazy and looking for some gimmicky bullshit that will magically get you women while avoiding some of the easy low hanging fruit right in front of you.

Look, I get it. Most likely, you fell into the gimmicky trap because you want to fall for it. You want to believe that there is some secret "NLP pattern" that will make women wet for you. You want to believe that even if you are fat and ugly you can get perfect 10s with special techniques that put attraction "out of her control". You want to believe all of this stuff because it's nice to believe it, and it all seems so easy. Well, I got news for you, <a title="Attraction And Comfort Get You Laid, Not "Weird Tricks"" href="/articles/view/attraction-and-comfort-get-you-laid-not-weird-tricks/">that crap does not work</a>, but there is a lot you can do that is easy and actually works! Just going <a href="/ebooks/the-art-of-sway-a-handbook-to-approaching-women">out and approach women</a>, <a title="Expand Your Dating Surface Area" href="/articles/view/expand-your-dating-surface-area/">expand your dating surface area</a>, and work out! Those things work, and they are easy. Yes, also working out is easy!
<h4>Working out is easy</h4>
Now you may think you don't have time, or don't have the energy, or don't have the genetics to ever look good. Well, I got news for you, chances are, unless you have serious health issues or disabilities, working out is easy. Getting in shape is easy, even if you are fat and out of shape. At most, it takes some time commitment, but the odds of failure is pretty close to 0%. That's right, if you lift weights and watch your diet, you can have a great body, even if you are fat and out of shape today. There is virtually no way you can fail if you just do it.

This doesn't mean that working out takes no effort or time, but it is easy because: if you just put in the time, you will succeed. This is not the case with many other things, such as difficult math problem, a difficult job, playing in the NBA, or getting a particular woman to date you. Time and effort are not enough to succeed. You can bang your head against the wall trying to solve P = NP? and never succeed. As a matter of fact, most likely. you will fail no matter how hard you try. You want to make it to the NBA Tough luck, you can shoot hoops all day long but you will likely fail. With exercise; however, achieving a body women will think is "hot" is a task that you are guaranteed to succeed in if you just put in the time.
<h4>Not sure where to start?</h4>
So you needed me to "yell" at you to get you to the gym, but you've decided to take the plunge. Check out our articles about <a href="/articles/fitness">fitness here</a>, in particular, our intro to bodybuilding. But most importantly, stop looking for the phrase you can say to yourself in the mirror that is (seriously guys, I mean, really???) supposed to increase your chances of getting women, and go get to the gym and start your journey of simply becoming a more attractive man.

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