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/ Stop Doing These 6 Creepy Moves

Avoid these 6 creepy moves when you first meet a woman.

I generally advise guys to not worry so much about appearing like a creep. The reason for this is most men have the opposite issue: they are not nearly touchy enough, they don't make nearly enough eye contact, and they aren't nearly sexual enough. With that said, very early on in an interaction, many behaviors will come off as creepy. Here are 6 moves that will likely come off as creepy early on in an interaction. Avoid them right off the bat.
<h4>1. Being a really close talker</h4>
Besides being super annoying, being a really close talker to a girl right away comes off as creepy more often than not. When you are going for a kiss and/or already have established attraction, it is completely fine, but avoid talking in peoples face in general, and especially early on in an interaction with a girl. The main caveat to this advice is at a loud night club where you are trying to play a very aggressive sexual game right off the bat. Even then, it is better to talk close to her ear versus trying to make out with her in the first 2 seconds of seeing her (though that can work at a night club).
<h4>2. Immediately touching her during day approaches</h4>
Once again, a night club or loud crowded bar situation is different, but if you are just approaching a girl during the day, say on her walk to work, at a bus stop, at the library, at the gym, etc. Do not immediately touch her without at the very least an obvious indicator she is receptive to you approaching her and talking to her. In general, approaches during the day should be less aggressive until you establish a bit more comfort. Keep touching incidental early on.
<h4>3. Talking dirty</h4>
Save dirty talk for the bedroom, as you approach it, or later on when there is clearly established sexual attraction. Going dirty right away is not only a recipe for creeping a girl out, but can get you in legal trouble depending how overboard you go. Telling a girl she looks nice or giving her a compliment is fine, but saying something like: "you are so sexy you are getting me hard just looking at you" is an extremely creepy not to mention ineffective opener.
<h4>4. Showering her with compliments</h4>
Too many compliments will not only make a girl feel like you are needy and unworthy of her, it can also make her uncomfortable. Telling her how great she is and how impressive she is and how beautiful she is, especially early on in an interaction is ineffective and creepy. Don't be that weirdo who thinks you can compliment your way into a girls' heart (or pants!); it only works if she is already into you.
<h4>5. Blatant Staring</h4>
I was hesitant to include this one so I will include it with a caveat: If you have problems making eye contact with women <strong>do not worry about being creepy</strong>. Focus on eye contact first. However, if you are able to make consistent eye contact, don't be a creepy starer. Look and if you are caught looking maybe crack a small smile and then slowly look away (or better yet, approach!).
<h4>6. Lurking/Stalking</h4>
Are you that guy who tries to be near that girl you like but never actually has the courage to do anything with it? Well, instead of benefiting yourself, you are actually hurting yourself by coming off as a creepy lurker. There's only so often that you can "conveniently" end up right near the girl you like without having to do something and actually interact with her. Stalking is creepy, and so is always randomly appearing around her.
You'll notice from the 6 examples described, being creepy involves not just what you do, but WHEN you are do it. This is a very important concept to understand. A lot of behavior (dirty talk, eye contact, touching) are very useful (and some critical) tools in seduction. However, go there too soon and you will just come off as a creep.

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