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/ The 3 C's of pickup: Confidence

A closer look at confidence; one of the "3C's" of pick-up.

In my <a href="">'3C's of Pickup' article</a> I posted about 3 crucial concepts of pickup. One of these is confidence. In this article I am going to look at confidence in more detail.

What is great about confidence is that ANYONE can develop confidence. Furthermore, anyone can develop some confidence EXTREMELY quickly. This separates confidence from the other C's of pickup, calibration, and congruence. Whereas becoming skilled at calibration can take years of practice; improving your confidence can be done literally over night! Before I get into fast ways to improve confidence, I want to talk a little about why confidence is so important.

It is commonly stated that confidence is a huge turn on to women. This is an incontrovertible fact that cannot be ignored. If you come off as insecure and lacking confidence, you will likely be much less successful with women than you should be. Confidence is attractive because it can be indirectly associated with many positive traits in a man.

Why are you so confident? a woman might ask herself. She will automatically assume that you have a lot of good things going for you to be as confident as you are. The fact that she doesn't exactly know what they are can even be a good thing: it let's her imagination run wild! With that said, generally, a woman will assume if you are confident that you are successful with women, successful in your career or school, and/or successful socially. All of these traits help make women attracted to you.

Now that you have a sense of why confidence is important, here are some ways to increase your confidence literally OVER NIGHT.

<strong>(1) Make eye contact when speaking to women.</strong> You should be doing this on a regular basis. Eye contact is associated with confidence. Only insecure people shy away from looking an attractive woman in the eye.

<strong>(2) Speak with a firm voice.</strong> Don't be afraid of your own voice, don't mumble and speak incredibly softly in the presence of women, or anyone really.

<strong>(3) Don't be afraid to touch her.</strong> Touching women is not only sensual but also shows confidence. Note, I am not talking about inappropriate touching, but "kino", or light, generally non-sexual touching, such as putting your hand on the small of her back if you are following her somewhere, or putting a hand on her shoulder if you are laughing about something.

There are many more ways to immediately improve your confidence or at least others' perception of your confidence level. However, improving confidence for the long term; actually FEELING more confident, goes hand in hand with improving your overall life. This means making more friends, meeting more women, picking up hobbies, overcoming life and career challenges, etc. Confidence can grow naturally this way, and natural, "true" confidence is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in existence.

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