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/ The 5 Levels Of Game

Someone asked me how I would rank dating skill. Here is how I think about it.

I am often asked how does one evaluate their skill at dating or at "getting girls". It's a tough concept because everyone has different tastes, different goals, and different natural gifts with which to work with. Someone might have more success with better looking women but not have better "skill" than another man; they may simply be much better looking, wealthier, and in a social circle more conducive to sleeping with hot women. With all of that said, for your entertainment, here is how I like to think of the various levels of "game".
<h4>1. Men who cannot get any woman</h4>
Believe it or not, many men have not learned how to have success with a single woman. These men would fall into this category, which is pretty much the lowest level one can possibly attain. These guys are the ones who, even when a woman throws herself at them they manage to screw it up. Very few people should ever be resigned to this category, and if this is you, there is a 99+% chance that you CAN do something about it.
<h4>2. Men who can get women who initiate</h4>
Right above the men who cannot get any women are men who are capable of getting some woman, but only if the woman does all the work. These are guys who usually only succeed when women "fall into their lap". Usually a guy like this has very minimal "game", but has the ability to not completely screw it up when a girl throws herself at him. This is usually the first step in the development of dating skill, and a step that virtually everyone can attain.
<h4>3. Men who can get most women that are physically attracted to them / some women who are neutral on their appearance</h4>
Men in the 3rd level are capable of getting most women who find them physically attractive.
Level 3 is the level that most men should aspire to attain. It is the area where most seduction occurs, and despite seeming easy, it is actually quite DIFFICULT to make it to this level. The general issues that prevent men from reaching Level 3 are detailed in numerous articles on this site, for instance, <a href="/articles/view/the-solution-to-mixed-signals-is-escalation/">the failure to escalate</a>, <a href="/articles/view/3-dating-mistakes-you-dont-even-know-you-are-making/">over-gaming</a>, acting needy and desperate, etc. Level 3 also suggests (as I have written about in <a href="/articles/view/do-looks-matter">Do Looks Matter</a>) that looks do matter in seduction. However, it is important to remember that woman's physical tastes are much more varied than men, so while this may seem depressing that even getting women who are physically attracted to you is difficult, there are many women that will find you physically attractive even if you do not think you are.
<h4>4. Men who can get most women that are neutral on their physical appearance / some women who think they are ugly</h4>
The 4th level are the guys who can get most women that don't even think they are attractive. Note, this is different than level 5 which are the guys who get most women even if the woman thinks they are UGLY. In level 4, I am referring to guys who women are neutralish on the man's appearance: definitely not turned on by their looks, but also not repulsed by them. A guy with this level of skill has the potential to be successful with most women out there. They will even succeed with some women who think they are outright ugly. In general, this level of game requires considerably more than routines and dating techniques; one will need to have a fair amount going for them in their non-dating life to reach this level.
<h4>5. Men who can get most women regardless of physical attraction</h4>
The highest level of "game" are the men who can get most women they go for. This is not an attainable level for most men, but you will never know if you can attain it without trying. Most men in this category have extremely attractive lifestyles, with dating technique secondary. Think famous actors, musicians, politicians, multimillionaire playboys, etc.

So there you have it, my "player rankings", so to speak. Hopefully these levels will give you something to strive for, but don't get too crazy and/or worked up about these different levels; "game" is about achieving your own personal dating goals.

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