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/ The Do's And Don'ts Of Teasing

Playful Teasing is a great way to build attraction, but only if done right.

In a recent <a href="/newsletter/">newsletter</a> I wrote about how neediness is one of the biggest turn offs to women and how neediness could be killing your chances with women. As a matter of fact, a ton of the basic tried and true seduction principles such as "cocky funny", "negs", and "teasing" are borne from the fact that neediness is a turn off, because what are all these "principles" other than actions you take to not appear needy?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to tease and neg effectively. If you feel that you are not properly calibrating your tease comments, here are some do's and dont's that should help you.
<h4>DO: Tease about taste</h4>
Whether it's music, movies, food or art, teasing her about her taste in something is usually a great way to show non-neediness, provoke conversation, while at the same time being on a totally benign topic. Music, movies, food, and art are hardly like politics or religion. People are passionate about the topics, but usually in a good way, unlike the often destructive hypertension inducing passion associated with religion and political debate. The only iffy taste tease in my opinion is fashion. Be careful teasing her about what she is wearing or her taste in fashion.
<h4>DON'T: Tease about appearance</h4>
We all know not to call a girl fat or even hint at it, but in general I recommend avoiding any and all teasing related to her appearance. There are some benign teases/negs that are often thrown around like: "Does your nose always wiggle when you laugh, it's so cute" but I find these statements to be contrived and more or less worthless. However, if you want to go there, a general rule is to make sure your tease also has a compliment in it.
<h4>DO: Tease if she says something silly</h4>
If your target says or does something silly or stupid like pause to think for a few seconds when you ask her "when is your birthday" it's ok to make fun of her about it. If you are doing some mental math (say about the bill) and she makes an embarrassingly dumb mistake, go for it, tease her, but don't tease her if she can't compute the integral of sin(x^2)dx. The secret here is to tease her about an obvious mental oversight, not to make fun of her intelligence.
<h4>DON'T: Tease her about lack of knowledge</h4>
As mentioned above, teasing her about a mental oversight like above is fine. Don't go after her intelligence unless she is constantly trying to brag about how smart she is. Even then, chop her down in a playful manner when she "overextends" herself, or just don't do it at all.
<h4>DO: Tease her when she accidentally insults you or others</h4>
This is perhaps the best time to tease a girl and the time when you can be the least subtle! Don't be afraid to call her out when she accidentally makes fun of you or other people, do the opposite! Pretend that you are very offended. This tease works miracles, in no small part due to the negative points you will get if you let an obvious insult just fly.
<h4>DO: Tease her if she has a Freudian slip</h4>
Similar to the last point, you most definitely want to tease a girl if she has a Freudian slip. This is a great way to inject sexual innuendo into the conversation and amp up the sexual tension, and the best part is, she started it!
Teasing is a very powerful tool you can use to build attraction and appear non-needy. However, how you do it matters.

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