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/ The Fun And The Bank

In night clubs, big group dynamics are the best way to get women. Two types of men do this best: The "fun" and the "bank".

If you are in the clubbing scene and go out to night clubs often, you probably notice a lot of "bottle service" dynamics. While traditional "club game" works at large venues, for many venues, meeting women is by far most effective if you have a big group with women in it and/or a table. The two types of men that most likely have this setup going for them are the "fun" guys who look like they are having a blast, and the "powerful" men, who I like to call "the bank" who have whatever the best table at the club that seems to come with a conveyor belt of Dom.

This is the reality of getting women at the club: with the exception of a few guys roaming around who have very solid "game" or are extremely good looking (or just got lucky playing the "numbers game"), the best ways to consistently make things happen with women at a night club is to either be the "fun" or be the "bank" (or better yet, be both!). Both approaches work, and both approaches are dependent on larger group dynamics as opposed to traditional night club dance floor or "numbers game" seduction which is probably best done with only 1 wing man.
<h4>The Fun</h4>
Who is "the fun"? The fun is the guy having a great time with everyone around him. He is either there with friends or is making friends out of the nearest people to him. He knows people around the venue and is often offered to join a table (if he is with girls) given his fun vibe and social skills. This type of guy is highly attractive to women because he demonstrates considerable social standing and well, he's a fun time! Enjoyment is pretty much contagious, and it's the type of contagion women want!

To be the "fun", have a good time. Go out to the club with fun friends (especially girls) and don't be afraid to engage those around you (especially if they are women). Always be growing your group at the club. If you are the one building a group, then you are almost by definition an important cog in the group and those around you will sense that. If you want to get invited to a table to have a home base with "social proof", just be friendly and have women with you. A lot of guys who get tables won't really care if you join up with them provided you are bringing, you guessed it, fun, as well as some girls that help "offset" you being a guy.
<h4>The Bank</h4>
The fun guy is very successful in the night club environment, but perhaps an even more successful guy is "the bank". The bank isn't just about having money to buy bottles (promoters are comped bottles, for example, but they are still "powerful" at the club and I'd consider them much more of "the bank" than "the fun").

Being powerful at the night club involves not only having a good table with a good crowd but being the guy "in charge" of the party. For example, you want more girls at the table? You make it happen. You guys need more alcohol? You make it happen. Some guy you don't like is trying to weasel their way into the table, you block it. Basically, the bank runs shit. The bank is in charge of what goes on at his table and everybody there and around him knows he's the guy in charge. Being in charge is highly attractive to women despite most guys immediately labeling the "rich table guy" a douchebag.
Beyond the traditional "night club" game that involves making approaches (on the dance floor/bar/etc.) there is another method which involves tables and social proof. To take advantage of this highly effective seduction style, always think about how you can be "the fun", "the bank", or both!

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