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/ The Importance Of Eye Contact

Being able to make eye contact is critical to your success with women.

Most likely, you should already know the importance of eye contact. However, what I wanted to talk about in this article are some of the many reasons WHY eye contact is important.
<h4>Eye contact and confidence</h4>
Being able to make eye contact with people is a great indicator of confidence. For some reason unknown to me, when we are insecure about something, we tend to look away. For this reason, if you do not look away when talking, when asking someone out, when making a move for a kiss, etc. you exude confidence. As I wrote about in my articles,<a href="/articles/view/the-3-cs-of-pickup/"> The 3 C's Of Pickup</a>, and<a href="/articles/view/the-3-cs-of-pickup-confidence/"> The 3 C's Of Pickup: Confidence</a>, the importance of confidence cannot be understated. Making eye contact is an easy way to boost others' impression of your confidence with very little effort. Seriously, how hard can it be to just look at someone!
<h4>Eye contact as a sign of interest</h4>
When we look at someone in the eyes, we are expressing a sign of interest. What is so cool about using eye contact is that both sides know what is going on, but it's a subtle enough expression that you can get away with using it on just about anyone that you talk to in any environment! No one can really be turned off or judge you for looking at them while talking to them. If you want to show interest, simply looking straight into a woman's eyes is one of the best ways to do so. This brings up another very valuable quality of eye contact: being able to tell if someone is interested in you.
<h4>Eye contact and gauging interest</h4>
Making eye contact is often use to express interest, so naturally, you can use it to gauge interest. If a woman looks at you deep in the eyes, particularly if you just met or even better, from across the room, there's a good chance she is interested! However, if you can't look back at her, how will you even be able to tell if she was looking at you? Eye contact is mutual: you cannot make eye contact without the other person making eye contact. Always be making eye contact or be ready to make eye contact so you can gauge if women are trying to make eye contact with you.
<h4>Eye contact's non-romantic qualities</h4>
Note that eye contact does not only express romantic interest. When you look at someone while you are talking to them and in particular, while they are talking to you, it is a sign that you are interested in what they have to say. Being interested in others is a quality people really like (especially when they are the ones you are interested in). Let's face it, humans like attention, and one way to make people feel great is to give them attention. Giving attention with eye contact is a very easy thing to do and very powerful as well.
You already know eye contact is critical, but now, you know a few reasons why. Hopefully if you are not making good eye contact, these reasons will motivate you to improve this crucial skill applicable not just in dating, but life in general.

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