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Want to pick up a hobby but not sure what? Here are 18 ideas!

One of the best ways to spice up your life, both with women and in general, is to become a more interesting person. Being an interesting person is one of the most attractive qualities you can have. This holds true with friends, lovers, colleagues, acquaintances, family, and even complete strangers. One way to become a more interesting person is to pick up a hobby. Not sure where to start? Here is a Hobby Cheat Sheet: 18 Hobby ideas to get you started!

To read the chart. Physical activity? is self explanatory, and indicates whether or not the activity is physically strenuous (see a physician before undertaking any physically strenuous hobby). Years practice is my estimate of how long it takes to develop basic proficiency. For example, in weightlifting, basic proficiency would mean being able to go to the gym and workout on a regular basis with a variety of equipment using proper form and technique. It does not mean knowing every little thing about every exercise and having the body of a 25 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many of these hobbies take a lifetime to truly master (which is why they are so great!) The time is measured in years.

Hobby Description Physical Activity? Years Practice
Art + Music Just like movies, being an artist or musician is a more involved hobby, but appreciating both is easy! Many women love to talk about art and music, not to mention looking and listening respectively. Showing an interest in the arts is attractive, not to mention being a fun hobby for yourself.

No 0.5
Backgammon One of the oldest boardgames out there, backgammon is a surprisingly addictive two player board game. Like poker, becoming a reasonable player should not take long, but becoming a master can take a lifetime.
No 0.5
Billiards Billiards are a great hobby that you can enjoy with friends or on a date. Getting really good takes time and effort but getting the basics down should take less than six months. "Teaching" a girl how to play is also a great way to physically escalate with a woman you are interested in.

No 0.5
Cooking Besides men who can cook being attractive to women, cooking is a hobby that can also benefit your health and save you money. It will take some effort to learn, but I suspect most people can get pretty good relatively quickly.

No 0.5
Gym exercise classes Like yoga,  other gym classes have a similar abundance of hot women in them and will help get you into shape in a fun way. Most gym classes are also quite easy to get the hang of right away, so you don’t have to worry about being really bad for more than a few classes.

Yes 0.5
Movies Being a movie star is a lot of work, but appreciating movies and getting into film as an interest or hobby can be accomplished quickly, easily, and is a lot of fun. Parlay an interest in movies into interesting conversation, social gatherings, advance screenings, etc.

No 0.5
Poker Poker is one of the world’s most popular card games. It can be played at casinos, over the internet, and with friends just about anywhere. It is also quite popular amongst many men and even women alike, making it a good hobby to be knowledgeable in. Becoming a reasonable player should not take too long with all the resources available for poker, but it takes a lifetime to master making it a hobby that will remain with you for life.

No 0.5
Running / Jogging Running is a great way to get in shape and improve your health, not to mention it’s fun for many people. Running can segue into doing fun runs for charity or competition. It’s also easy to do just about anywhere and you can get good at it very quickly.

Yes 0.5
Skiing/Snowboarding Winter sports, while seasonal unless you want to travel, make great hobbies. They are potentially expensive hobbies, but you can get to the level where they are fun to do very quickly and they can often substitute or widen your options during vacations and free time. Like other sports, they are also good for your health, provided you don’t get injured!

Yes 0.5
Weightlifting Weightlifting is one of my favorite hobbies. It is not only fun, it can be social, and the results can really transform your health and appearance quickly. Check out our article: 7 Reasons Why You Should Workout
Yes 0.5
Yoga Yoga is not just for women. While I personally do not enjoy yoga, many men enjoy the balance between physical exertion and relaxation. It’s a great stress reliever and can also make you more flexible. Plus, most yoga classes have an abundance of hot girls in them!

Yes 0.5
Martial Arts Martial arts are a great hobby. Most of them are a great way to get in shape physically and mentally. They are also fun to do and could be useful in a self defense situation if one should ever arise. They are also often done in a very social setting which has value in itself. Most arts do take dedication and time though. Some are easier to get basic proficiency in than others, but generally, don’t expect to feel truly comfortable until about a year or so.

Yes 1
Surfing / Water sports Like winter sports, sports like surfing are also seasonal. They also make for great activities to do on vacations or anywhere where there are waves. Getting good takes time depending on the sport, but after a year if you put in the time, getting to where it’s fun should be accomplish-able in most water sports including surfing.

Yes 1
Dancing There are many types of dance, all of which have their various attributes. Salsa dancing, for example, is popular in many large cities in the US. Unlike some hobbies, the learning process takes time and isn’t always fun, but once you get proficient, being able to dance well is a great skill to have, plus it’s fun!

Yes 1.5
Guitar The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn, not to mention one of the most fun and accessible ones. A decent guitar is pretty cheap to buy and there are a huge amount of online learning resources which make learning basically free. Chicks dig guys who play guitar, and even if they didn’t, it’s a really fun hobby that will be with you for life.

No 1.5
Chess A challenging and rewarding board game, Chess is one of the more involved, skill based games out there. Even a basic proficiency takes time and games often require intense concentration. With that said, the intellectual stimulation should be very rewarding.

No 2
Piano I like to think of the piano as the mother of all instruments. It is one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile, of instruments. At the hands of a skilled pianist, almost any type of music can be played and sound pretty good. Unlike the guitar though, becoming proficient in the piano takes time, and usually lessons by a trained instructor.

No 4
Other Instruments Instruments in general make for excellent hobbies. They can provide literally a lifetime of enjoyment and entertainment. They also have a powerful seductive effect on women, even potentially obscure instruments. The time and effort you need to master an instrument varies, but contrary to popular belief, you can get good at an instrument starting at ANY AGE. No Varies

Above was a list of 18 potential hobby ideas. Obviously this list is very far from complete. The truth is, almost anything you enjoy can be turned into a hobby. If you enjoy something, put some time and effort into it!

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