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/ The Myth of the One Night Stand

Judging women for one night stands only hurts men.

If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is the ridiculous insistence from men, usually sexually inexperienced men, that a woman who will sleep with them on a first date is somehow not “relationships worthy” or a “slut” or a bunch of other derogatory terms. As someone who has had countless one night stands, I can tell you that these assumptions are not only WRONG; they are also DISRESPECTFUL TO WOMEN and HURT YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING LAID.

Contrary to what women may tell you or what you may believe; most women have or will sleep with a guy on the first date. How do I know this is true? I know from experience. I have slept with countless women on the first date, and more importantly, I would estimate nearly 50% of the women I have ever slept with have been on the first date. Am I some kind of freak of nature that I attract the few women willing to sleep with a guy on the first date? Of course not! It would be statistically IMPOSSIBLE for most women to never sleep with a guy on the first date yet 50% or so of the girls I ended up sleeping with, was on the first date (and a high percentage of my first dates end up in sex). The more likely, and real explanation, is that most women are willing to sleep with a guy on the first date, and will do so at some point in their single lives.

So what does this mean for sex on the first date and promiscuity? Well, if virtually all women do it, it is pretty much meaningless information. It means that whether or not a woman has slept with you on the first date is irrelevant for the most part. What it definitely is not is license to label a woman a “slut” or a “whore” or “non-dateable.” No woman should really ever be referred to this way but to punish a woman with these labels when she was willing to be intimate with you, to reward you for turning her on and attracting her and charming her, is bat shit crazy!! I actually prefer to sleep with a woman I want to date on the first date. Think about it: if she has or will sleep with a guy on the first date anyway, wouldn’t I rather it be me?

Instead, the punishment women receive for sleeping with men on the first date due to men’s own insecurity is making it harder for you and me to get laid. Women will deliberately hold back even if they want you to tear their clothes off and take them because inexperienced men in their past have assumed they were sluts for being attracted and turned on. Women will even punish men they want to date by holding back sex even longer because a bunch of us idiot men are somehow too insecure dating a woman who sleeps with them on the first date. Don’t perpetuate the absurd myth of the one night stand. Instead, enjoy the knowledge that you were so confident, attractive, sexy, and seductive that a woman was willing to give it all up to you within only a few hours of meeting you! If us men band together and cease labeling women who sleep with us negatively, we will all enjoy lives filled with a lot more sex and relationships.

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