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/ The Right Way To Play Valentine's Day

Your Valentine's Day Dos and Donts.

Today is Valentine's Day. It's the day cheesy romance movies are released to be devoured by single women. It's the day Americans will spend over two BILLION dollars on flowers. It's the day you can't get a reservation to any of your favorite restaurants, and even if you could, it would be for some shitty prix-fixe menu. However most importantly, it's most likely the day you are tired spending alone. Sure, Valentine's day can seem like a chore to those in relationships. And it lead to an awkwardness with those you just started dating. (Do we do something for Valentine's Day? Do we not?) But at the end of the day, Valentine's day is a great day to spend with a woman. I'm going to show you how to make that happen.
<h3>Women want companionship on Valentine's Day</h3>
The key reason Valentine's Day is a great day for men everywhere is that women seek companionship during Valentine's Day. Just like you don't want to spend your night watching TV, women don't either. It's why groups of single girls go out on Valentine's Day. It's not because they are extra horny that night, it's because they don't want to be alone. It's also why you can almost be assured that whoever you are dating at the time is free on Valentine's Day, and it's also likely any girl who is single, while she may have plans with her girlfriends, will happily break those plans to spend time with someone of the opposite sex on this "special" day. But this doesn't guarantee you success. You still have to play your cards right to succeed with women on Valentine's Day.
<h3>Find Your Stage</h3>
Being successful tonight is highly situational. Are you in a relationship and are trying to use Valentine's day to take things to the next level? If so, the next section is for you. Did you just start seeing a girl but you really really like her and want to do something on Valentine's day? Section two is for you. Don't have any women prospects in your life? Learn to capitalize on Valentine's day tonight in Section three. Now about about other situations? For example, thinking about <a title="Love Actually…Doesn’t Work Like This At All, Or On Your Oneitis" href="/articles/view/love-actually-doesnt-work-like-this-at-all-or-on-your-oneitis/">doing something crazy like Mark in "Love, Actually?"</a> Are you planning on making a move on a friend you've been crushing on? TVJ is going to cover why you shouldn't do these things later tonight.
<h3>The Relationship Stage</h3>
If you are in a relationship, I assume you've already secured roses and or a gift for your significant other. While you may believe (rationally) that Valentine's Day is a fake over-commercialized holiday you've still got to participate if you don't want to really hurt your partner. If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day the night after (or before) because reservations are a pain that's ok. If you couldn't get roses because you waited until the last minute and they are sold out everywhere, you are still fine. But if you think that you can just not do anything on Valentine's Day, even if your girlfriend is a fervent anti-capitalist, even if she says you don't have to do anything, you're likely mistaken.

The best advice I can give you for Valentine's Day if you have a girlfriend is to keep it traditional with just a little bit of extra flair. For instance, instead of a bouquet of Red Roses, throw in some different color roses as well. Instead of going to the same restaurant you always go to, try a different spot. Write her a card for change if you have never done so. Maybe even a poem. If you are in a serious relationship, Valentine's Day is about keeping the relationship headed the right direction, not trying something new and crazy (unless you plan a proposal, but that's an article for another day).
<h3>The Early Dating Stage</h3>
You've been out with her a couple times and you really like her. It just so happens that you just started going out a few weeks before Valentine's Day and now you are in a situation where Valentine's Day is here and your main prospect is a girl you just started seeing who you may not be dating exclusively, or even officially dating. This is one of the more challenging Valentine's Day situations to manage. On the one hand, pulling out all the stops for her on Valentine's Day can take the relationship to the next level. On the other hand, it could be too much too soon and come off as needy, desperate, and creepy. How can you strike the right balance with a girl you just started dating but want more of?

One simple solution is to not do anything with her on Valentine's Day. She may be disappointed but she can't really expect a Valentine's Day extravaganza from a guy she just started dating and before "the talk". It's unlikely that this will turn off a girl who likes you and at the same time, you run zero risk of appearing too needy or desperate. I don't recommend completely skirting by the fact that today is Valentine's Day, but it is reasonable to send a simple flower filled Happy Valentine's Day text and offer to make plans another day.

However, if I like a girl, this isn't what I do. I do try to hang out with her on Valentine's Day, but I make sure I'm framing the night as a normal get together that happens to be on Valentine's day, or even a get together that mocks Valentine's Day. I don't invite her to a super fancy dinner. <a title="In Defense Of The Dinner Date" href="/articles/view/in-defense-of-the-dinner-date/">I like to do dinner dates</a> so I often do dinner, but even drinks somewhere slightly more romantic than usual often suffices. One year I invited a girl over giving her a "free pass to subject me to any romantic comedy or bachelor re-runs her heart desires on this special day only". Injecting some humor into the plan works wonders, because the only risk of taking a girl out on Valentine's Day who wants to go out is moving too fast for her. And you can alleviate a lot of those concerns by not taking the night too seriously.
<h3>The Single Stage</h3>
If you have no prospects for Valentine's Day, your goal should be using Valentine's Day to get some. Valentine's day is a great night for a single guy to be out on the town because there will be a large number of girls out and you can be assured almost all of them are single. Furthermore, women out are actively seeking companionship and will be extra receptive to approaches. This will make approaches much easier than they are normally. Furthermore, there's a very easy conversation topic you can open with: "Valentine's Day". For example, ask her why she isn't waiting in line to watch Fifty Shades of Grey right now.

The main challenges you will experience on Valentine's Day are other people. The first challenge will be her friend(s). Single women want companionship on Valentine's Day. They have that with their friend out at the bar, but once you enter the picture, one woman will now be alone, and she won't be happy. Entertaining the group (and/or an effective wingman) is even more crucial on Valentine's Day than your typical Saturday night because girls are more likely to "cock-block" and interfere on Valentine's Day than on most other days.

The second main challenge is other guys. Single women out on Valentine's Day isn't a well kept secret and where there are single women, single men follow. You must be extra conscious of AMOGs and other competition on Valentine's Day. This is another reason a good wingman is invaluable on Valentine's Day. If you are alone and inexperienced, <a title="Choose Your Battles with AMOGs" href="/articles/view/choose-your-battles-with-amogs/">try to pick your battles when it comes to AMOGs</a>.

Is going out just not feasible tonight? There is actually a great opportunity to meet women that doesn't involve you going anywhere. That opportunity is online dating. I've noticed that single women are way more active online on Valentine's Day than most other days. You can use this to your advantage by logging on to your favorite online dating site and start e-mailing women. Not only will they be more receptive than usual tonight, <a href="">if you have a good profile</a> you will likely get many women looking at you or even reaching out to you tonight! Log on and stay logged in and "online" and reap the rewards of more women than normal cruising online dating sites.
<h3>Remember: Have Fun</h3>
Whatever scenario you fall under, I hope this article helps you out tonight. At the end of the day though, Valentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to go out and meet women, or go out and have fun with the women you've met or the woman you are dating. So go out and have fun tonight.

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