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/ Two Situational Ideas

Don't let situations to approach women pass you by.

A very effective way to start a conversation is taking advantage of the situation. I write a lot about this in <a href="">The Art Of Sway</a> when it comes to opening. In this article, I want to give you a two ideas and examples of how to take advantage of various situations during actual conversation.
<h4>Idea 1: Humor</h4>
Humor is a critical part of courtship, dating, and seduction. It is a highly effective turn on because laughing makes people feel good and humor is often associated with the very desirable trait of intelligence.
<h4>Examples of humor</h4>
<h5>1. You see a woman struggling or walking really well with high heels</h5>
A great comment when walking with or by a girl in high heels is to comment on her walking. THe line I like to use is: "Wow, you are pretty good with those heels, when I wear my stilettos I can only walk a block tops! I'm much better in my wedges though." This type of comment is funny, unexpected, and almost always elicits a response. Try it!
<h5>2. Calling a woman out really loudly and obnoxiously</h5>
The other day as I was walking to the gym a woman accidentally dropped a candy wrapper on the street. I had a nice conversation with her after beginning it by obnoxiously yelling at her for littering. I did it in such a way that it was obvious I was joking. She found it funny and we had a brief chat. The "obnoxious call out" is a technique I have mentioned before. It is highly effective as long as you make it very clear you are joking.
<h4>Idea 2: Prediction</h4>
The second idea I want to talk about I call "prediction". A great opportunity to take advantage of a situation is to predict what is going on and respond accordingly. Don't interrupt with a "prediction" in conversation; the idea is to use a prediction of what someone is thinking to start a conversation or move the conversation to a particular topic.
<h4>Examples of prediction</h4>
<h5>1. Seeing someone who appears lost</h5>
See someone on the street who appears lost? Offer to help them out! It can turn into much more than just sending them on their way, believe it or not!
<h5>2. Someone struggling at the library</h5>
Are you in school and can tell someone is clearly struggling with a math problem, for example? If you know how to do it, help them out. Just say something like: "that concept is a pain in the ass, isn't it?" to get the conversation going.
<h5>3. The TV at the bar</h5>
Is the girl watching something on TV at the bar? Try to guess which side of whatever is going on she is on (what sports team, what side of a political debate, etc.) and use that to start a conversation. If you guess wrong, she will probably ask you why, and then come up with some reasons why you guessed what you did.

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