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Want a girl to throw herself at you? Here's a technique you can use to accomplish that.

In this article I want to talk about a more "advanced" technique that really helped take me from a guy who can approach women and start a conversation to a guy who could seal the deal, often very quickly. I'm going to share this technique I call "value overloading" with you here.


Ever seen that situation where a girl is just throwing herself at a guy with little to no effort on his part? You may notice this with really good looking guys or really powerful guys like celebrities or political figures. Women drooling over these men, throwing themselves at them, throwing all their inhibitions and "rules" out the window without the guy having to do virtually anything. This scenario happens, and it happens relatively frequently. However, it almost never used to happen to me until I got to thinking about is the actual driver of this behavior is and how I could do my best to solicit this behavior in women. I came to the conclusion that this behavior is driven by a very large perceived value gap.

A large value gap often in conjunction with confidence on the woman's part is what leads to this behavior. For example, take the tall and extremely good looking guy who comes up to a girl. If the girl is insecure, she may not know what to do if she is attracted to him; however, if she is more confident in herself, she will seize the opportunity to get a guy of much higher value than she is used to and pretty much throw herself at him. Women play hard to get sometimes, but they will throw this completely out of the window of the value gap is very large and she perceives the guy as "out of her league" or close to it. Instead, in these large value gap situations, women will adopt a "win at all costs" style approach and simply try to make it as easy as possible for the guy. They wont take any risks of showing lack of interest or "playing games". At least this is the behavior I observed.

<h4>Value overloading</h4>

So, the natural question you should have at this point is "how can I induce this behavior in women". The closest method I have found for doing this is what I call "value overloading". The idea is quite simple, if a large value gap is what drives this behavior, you must create as large a value gap as possible by "DHVing" (displaying higher value) as much as you possibly can even and especially once you have attracted the woman.

This technique is not about building comfort. This technique is about making yourself appear as high value as possible, as fast as possible and at the same time playing to her insecurities to potentially lower her perceived value of herself.

Methods for achieving "value overload" involve "pulling out all the stops" in terms of making sure your good qualities come out. Nothing is off limits. Bring up career success, any pseudo fame you may have had, encounters with celebrities where you were "cool", dressing and looking as best you possibly can. Basically, you want to throw the whole "DHV kitchen sink" out there, while at the same time making sure your delivery is as far away from bragging as possible. Note, however, err on the side of DHV vs modesty to use this technique.

<h4>The drawbacks of value overloading</h4>

It may seem like the value overloading approach is how you should go in just about every courtship or seduction process. This is not so far from reality, and I do use this approach very often (as even if you cannot generate the large value gap needed, the extra value you display will still help you get the girl). However, it is far from a foolproof technique and it is not suitable for every situation. Here are some situations where value overloading isn't suitable or potentially ineffective.

<h5>1. The girl is not at least somewhat interested early on</h5>
Value overloading works best when there is already some initial attraction or at least interest. If a woman shows no interest in you off the bat, showing off is likely to just come off as that: you being a show off. When women are not interested off the bat, techniques showing you are not fazed by their lack of interest, "negs", and indirect approaches are more effective.

<h5>2. You can't build a large enough gap</h5>
Sometimes, value overloading will help you build some attraction but you will simply hit a wall and not be able to build enough value to generate that "gap" which leads the woman to basically throw herself at you. If you sense this is the case, it may make sense to start building some comfort and use more traditional courtship models. There is value in "saving" some DHV's for later, depending on your goal and the logistics of the current situation.

<h5>3. You come off as bragging too much</h5>
This is an issue that can be fixed with proper calibration and practice; however, if you often come off as too "braggy" as it is, value overloading could only make matters worse for you.

<h5>4. Overdoing "value overload"</h5>
Remember, the goal of value overloading is to get the girl to "throw herself at you". If you notice you have accomplished that, you don't need to DHV anymore, you can now proceed to isolate and take things to the next level. Recognize when you have "succeeded" and start focusing on making her comfortable with you around then.


It's frustrating to see extremely good looking guys and the like have hot women throwing themselves at them. However, instead of just being jealous,try using value overloading techniques to achieve similar results for yourself by substituting "value" for looks, power, or any other attribute you may think you don't have.

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