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/ Yes, You Do Have Time

Stop using "I don't have time" as an excuse.

How many times have you heard the following excuse: "I don't have time."? How many times have you used that excuse to not do something you didn't want to do or were not comfortable doing? How many times have you just used that excuse because you were too lazy to do something? Well, hopefully, after reading this article, you will stop using this excuse for anything, because despite time being the most valuable commodity on earth, most people, including you, have <strong>plenty of it</strong>.
<h4>Improvement takes less time than you think</h4>
One of the main reasons you have plenty of time for self improvement is because a lot of self improvement takes much less time than you think. Take getting in shape, for example. Watching your diet and lifting heavy weights for as little as 30 minutes 3 times a week can transform your body over a period of as little as 6 months. Who doesn't have time to commit 30 minutes a day, 3x a week to their health and appearance? Virtually no one is so busy they don't have time for that!

What about picking up a hobby? Did you read our <a href="/articles/view/the-josh-sway-hobby-cheat-sheet/">cheat sheet</a> for ideas? You can get pretty good at something by doing it as little as 2x a week as long as you are consistent. Even for more difficult hobbies to excel at (such as a musical instrument), 30 minutes a day 4-7x a week should get you well on your way.

How about joining a club or doing a sport? How often do club sports actually practice? A couple hours on the weekend? Are you really <strong>that</strong> busy, on <strong>the weekend</strong>, to not be able to allocate a few hours to a meetup or a team sport?
<h4>You have more time than you think</h4>
A full week, assuming you sleep 8 hours a day and work 60 hours a week (more than the vast majority of people work), still leaves you with <strong>52</strong> <strong>hours</strong> a week of time to do whatever you want.

52 hours a week is a <strong>lot</strong> of time. You are talking about <strong>over 7 hours a day of spare time</strong>. If you don't work on weekends, then you have 16 hours a day on the weekend and still 4 hours a DAY during the week.

How long did I say it takes to get in shape? 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week? 1.5 hours a week. That hardly occupies <strong>three percent</strong> of the free time you have during any given week.

Want to learn an instrument? How about an hour a day, 4 days a week? That's 4 hours a week, out of 52!

Bottom line, don't ever make the excuse that you don't have time for self improvement, because time, despite being valuable, is something you most certainly do have.

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