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Sway Seduction Master Online Dating

Author: Josh Sway

Pages: 258

Price: $47.00

Book Description:

Sway Seduction: Master Online Dating is my comprehensive guide to online seduction.


  • Frustrated with online dating?
  • Have a profile that barely gets any views?
  • Writing women but not getting responses?
  • Think you are too short, bald, fat, or ugly to succeed online?
  • Can’t get a date even when they do respond?

If so, then Sway Seduction: Master Online Dating is for you. This 258pg guide covers everything you need to know about online dating and then some. Learn how to write "The Best Profile Ever" (I get this and similar from women all the time). Learn how to get her number in as little as two messages. Learn how to have successful datesand much much more. I have spent nearly a decade mastering online dating, and I believe I have finally truly mastered it. And now, I have decided to share virtually everything I know in this book.


"The section on writing profiles is money – seriously, right after tweaking my profile as you suggested, girls starting messaging me within a couple days – great advice!" – Luis C

"Great to find a book that was able to address the current trend in online dating!  I’ve read websites and ideas on how to pick up women at bars or other social outings but as a shy guy, it’s difficult to put those theories into action in the real world and I just feel more at ease doing online dating.  His section on Inclusion/Exclusion Theory was a real eye opener.  It showed me that things I was writing which I thought made me unique, were actually hurting me by excluding a lot of possible matches on trivial details.  After making some simple changes I was able to attract a lot more attention to my profile without resorting to bold faced lying!  Thanks real eye opener!" – Tom P.

"From all the materials in the book, it’s easy to see that Josh has a lot of successful online dating experience to draw from.  The heart of the book is the profile and the messaging sections.  Both sections have many examples of what works and counter-examples of what doesn’t work.  They are clear, straight to the point, and easy to understand. The examples are my favorite parts of the book because they are not general wishy-washy descriptions of what you should do.  The concrete examples helped me see how I could make my online profile better.  The messaging part covers many situations and types of interactions that
come up; this is really useful because once you are messaging with a girl, you don’t want to screw it up before you actually take it offline and meet in person.  I enjoyed reading the book and found it helpful. This should be required reading for anyone who wants to find success in online dating." – Jack L

"….He has his own theory on online dating that are spot on… he makes it easy to draw a conclusion and teaches you how awesome the world of online dating is… I’ve always believed in multiple streams of women (social circle, cold and warm sarging, meet women everywhere, etc.) and online dating is something I’ve never mastered. So I’m excited to get his information in use and see more results (yes I’ve already seen some results).

The greatest part of his online dating theory are his 6 secrets… of course I’m not telling you, they are secrets. I highly recommend this book as his 2 example profiles + 6 secrets alone make this damn easy to see the value that’s going to be brought to your dating life…

This books holds a wealth information and I highly recommend it.

" – Victor Paz, dating coach and owner of