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The Art of Sway A Handbook to Approaching Women

Author: Josh Sway

Pages: 115

Price: $9.99

Book Description:

Do you struggle approaching women?

Don’t know what to say? or can’t even must the courage to approach her?

In that case, The Art of Sway is for you.

I have packed the knowledge of well of a decade’s worth of my experience approaching thousands of women into this 115 page handbook that will help you once and for all conquer your fear of approaching women and set you on the right track.

Just like you cannot expect to win a sports game if you don’t even show up, you can’t expect to get women if you can’t even approach them. Learn how to show up for the game and more in this new e-book from Josh Sway.

In this e-book you will find the following and much more:

  • An entire chapter on overcoming approach anxiety
  • Dozens of openers to use with women in a variety of day time and night time situations
  • A section on trouble shooting, covering how to deal with the most common approach problems.
  • Theory, general advice, and a section on what to do once you successfully approach!