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Resources Some of Josh's favorite web sites

Welcome to our resources section, where you will find useful resources from around the web. Do you think your site contains content Josh Sway readers would find useful? Contact us.

The biggest men’s guide on the web. A great starting point.

Cliff’s List
A great website and mailing list with dating related articles. Josh Sway contributes content to Cliff’s List.

A new website that already has a large amount of dating related content by dating coach C.K. Thomson.

The Skills Method
The Skills Method is a "seduction" site dedicated to dance floor and club game.
The author, who goes by "Skills", is what they call a "natural" in the pick up artist community. His techniques are heavily non-verbal which is a welcome change from much of what is out there.

TSBMag is a men’s lifestyle site similar to AskMen with a dating, seduction, and alpha living focus.

Way of the Player
A nice collection of articles by NYC pick up guru Eddie Fews and other authors. Josh Sway also contributes to Way of the Player.

PUA Forum
One of the more active "open" pick up forums on the web. Unlike many heavily moderated PUA forums, Pick Up Artist Forum allows its posters a lot of freedom.

The Seduction Blog of Blue Haze
"Blue Haze" is an Austin based dating coach who has had articles featured on some popular dating sites.